About us

The net is flooded with online stores selling sexy briefs and trunks for men. As a huge fan of some of these awesome fashions we opted to try our hand at it ourselves. We also wanted to try to find a way to make these fashions affordable and we wanted to bring more to the table with a variety of toys, gifts, and other sexy fun products.  We have items that could bring a party to life or help spice up some intimate moments with a loved one.

We hope you enjoy your experience with "Woodpeckerz In The Raw."

We have a wide assortment of sexy briefs and trunks, clothing, party and adult novelty items.

We came up with the idea to open "Woodpeckerz In The Raw" after we realized it would be nice to have an internet store to accompany us while we travel to different gay events to sell items as a vendor.

This is our first venture like this working together and we are like like kids (or adults) in a candy store. Thank you in advance for your support!!!